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Graduate of Eric Maisels training courses on Creativity Coaching and member of the Creativity Coaching Association . With 30+ years of creative experience.

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What is a Creativity Coach

A creativity coach is much like other coaches you may be familiar with.
We work hand in hand with artists and creative/imaginative people in all walks of life. Be they 'first timers', 'weekend' artists, part time, full time and professional. Whether you are an Executive, Quilter, Visual Artist, Writer, Sculptor, and yes, we work with Musicians also, to maximize your efforts in all phases of your endevor. Prior to inspiration, during execution, through out the marketing and PR experience and post success concerns. We are there to assist you in the continuation and completion of your work.
We want you to realize your full potential and the real drive, or reason for the lack thereof, leading you through the maze of creativity to the successful accomplishments of your goals.

There are many methods at our disposal in which to facillitate your goals.
Please take some time to check us out.

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